Pentax K-1 Mark II + D FA 24-70mm f/2.8 ED SDM WR

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Pentax K-1 Mark II + D FA 24-70mm f/2.8 ED SDM WR   OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE WITH HIGHEST RELIABILLITY 36 MP Full Frame (36x24mm) CMOS Sensor with AA (Anti-Aliasing) Filter Free design 5 axis, 5 shutter step built-in SR mechanism Pixel Shift Resolution System


Pentax K-1 Mark II + D FA 24-70mm f/2.8 ED SDM WR



  • 36 MP Full Frame (36x24mm) CMOS Sensor with AA (Anti-Aliasing) Filter Free design
  • 5 axis, 5 shutter step built-in SR mechanism
  • Pixel Shift Resolution System II delivers super high-resolution images with finer detail and true color replication in handheld shooting
  • New Accelerator Unit & PRIME IV Engine combine to improve noise-reduction in high-sensitivity shooting— up to ISO 819,200
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, ASTROTRACER
  • Dustproof, weather-resistant, -10℃ cold-resistant


The PENTAX K-1 Mark II: the new standard of the 35mm full-frame K series

Rich colors and subtle shades, and a beautiful bokeh and a well-defined sense of depth. When the photographer's inspiration is truly reflected in all these elements, photographs will become more than mere records - they will evolve into truly impressive works of art.

The PENTAX K-1 Mark II has been created as the flagship model that will fulfill this goal. It features a new, advanced image-processing system to deliver the beautiful image quality which all photographers demand. It produces images that are rich in color and gradation, high in resolution, and superb in bokeh rendition.

The Pixel Shift Resolution System II - the PENTAX-original super-solution technology - now accommodates handheld photography. The AF system featuring a new algorithm assures high-precision focusing even with moving subjects.

While inheriting the PENTAX K-1's development concept, the PENTAX K-1 Mark II has advanced technologies to near perfection. When your creativity is in complete harmony with the camera, your photography will truly come alive.


State-of-the-art imaging processing system

To reproduce lively colors and rich gradations close to memory colors in all sensitivity ranges, the PENTAX K-1 Mark II newly incorporates an original  accelerator unit, which efficiently processes image signals output by the image sensor before sending them to the imaging engine. This process upgrades both image resolution and color reproduction in a high-sensitivity range, while drastically reducing noise compared to the PENTAX K-1. It also helps bring the camera's top sensitivity up to ISO 819200 (at standard output sensitivity) for high-grade, super-high-sensitivity photography.



The PENTAX K-1 Mark II's PRIME IV imaging engine is the culmination of PENTAX's high-speed, high-quality image processing technologies. In addition to highly efficient noise processing, it features Fine Sharpness and Extra Sharpness functions to process the subject's outlines more naturally and more delicately, and the PENTAX Real-time Scene Analysis System, which has adopted a breakthrough deep learning technology. It also effectively compensates for the distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration caused by specific lens properties, while efficiently correcting the fringe effect.


35mm full-frame image sensor

The PENTAX K-1 Mark II's 35mm full-frame image sensor features a large imaging area and a wide pixel pitch to deliver lively, true-to-life images with rich gradation. It also assures superb noise reduction performance to capture the subject truthfully with fine details and subtle shades. Its shallow depth of field allows you to control the sense of depth and bokeh (defocus) effect at will.


36.4 effective megapixels

The PENTAX K-1 Mark II features an AA (anti-aliasing)-filter-free design to optimize image resolving power. This design produces true-to-life images by faithfully depicting the fine details of the subject. It retains excellent resolution, even when the image is cropped during shooting, or the captured image is trimmed during processing. It allows you to capture the decisive moment in a sharp, clear image.


AA filter simulator

The PENTAX-original AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator effectively minimizes moiré and false color by using the camera's SR mechanism to apply microscopic vibrations to the image sensor during exposure. It provides the option of choosing the AA-filter effect for well-balanced images or the AA-filter-free mode for greater resolving power.


The advanced Pixel Shift Resolution System II for super-high-resolution images

PENTAX's Pixel Shift Resolution System II* is the super-solution technology which realizes image resolving power and color reproduction far better than that of the conventional Bayer system. By taking advantage of the camera's SR mechanism, it captures four images of the same scene by slightly shifting the image sensor for each image, obtaining all RGB color data and luminance data from each pixel, then synthesizing them into a single, super-high-resolution composite image. It not only improves image resolving power, but also prevents the generation of false color, reduces high-sensitivity noise, and greatly improves image quality.


Motion Correction function

When shooting an image with the Pixel Shift Resolution System, you can select the Motion Correction function. When this function is activated, the camera automatically detects the amount of subject motion during continuous shooting and minimizes negative effects during the synthesis process.


Five-axis, five-shutter-step camera shake compensation

The PENTAX-original sensor-shift-type shake reduction mechanism has been upgraded to provide optimum compensation for all lenses used in handheld shooting. The new-generation SR II (Shake Reduction II) features a five-axis mechanism to compensate for camera shake caused by horizontal and vertical shift* (often generated in macro photography) and camera shake caused by roll, which is difficult to handle by lens-installed shake reduction mechanisms, in addition to more common camera shake caused by pitch and yaw. The SR II unit is controlled with great precision as soon as the camera's power is turned on, and provides a wide compensation range - as much as five shutter steps - to expand the limits of handheld shooting.


Dependable dustproof, weather-resistant construction

A combination of the K-1 Mark II's 87 sealing parts and the optional D-BG6 Battery Grip's watertight body prevents the intrusion of water and dust into their interior. When an AW- or WR-series lens is mounted, the K-1 Mark II and its lens forms a remarkable digital imaging system totally resistant to demanding environmental factors.

Extra Informatie

Extra Informatie

Voorraad situatie Op voorraad - Thuis levering in 24/48u
Gestabiliseerde body Ja
Draaibaar scherm Ja
Gevoeligheidsbereik 819200
Brandpuntsafstand van 70
Brandpuntsafstand 24
Opening op 2.8
Opening van 22
Grootte van het scherm 3.2
Type sensor Full Frame / 24x36mm
Fabrikant Pentax
Enkel body Yes
Sensor grootte 24x36mm
Processor Prime IV
Mogelijke bestandsformaten RAW / JPEG
Compatibele geheugenkaarten SD
Videoformaten MPEG-4
Videoresolutie Full HD 1080p
Uitgangen Nee
Montuur Pentax K
Kleur Zwart
Type body Professionnel
Materiaal body Nee
Serieopnamen Max. environ 4,4 im/s (Full Frame), Max. environ 6,4 im/s (APS-C)
Ingebouwde flits Yes
Interne microfoon Yes
Microfoonaansluiting Yes
Maximum beelden per seconde Nee
PictBridge Nee
Afmetingen L x H x B 110mm x 136,5mm x 85,5mm
Tropicalisatie Yes
Garantie Nee

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