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Leica V-Lux Explorer Kit (Typ 114) - 18137 Get yourself the perfect set for your next travel adventureThe V-Lux is the Swiss knife amongst Leica's high end compact cameras. It´s fast and huge optical zoom lens means it´s ready for every photographic situation


Leica V-Lux Explorer Kit (Typ 114) - 18137

Get yourself the perfect set for your next travel adventure
The V-Lux is the Swiss knife amongst Leica's high end compact cameras. It´s fast and huge optical zoom lens means it´s ready for every photographic situation and its outstanding picture and video (4K) quality make it the perfect camera for travelling, sports and outdoor activities. The camera is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile compact cameras from Leica.

With the V-Lux Explorer Kit - which comprises the camera, a perfectly fitting ONA bag “The Bowery for Leica” in canvas, field tan and a new Leica rope strap in red designed by COOPH - you are best equipped to start an adventure and explore the world with the V-Lux.


Fast throughout the entire zoom range

Travel, sports, or other outdoor adventures – the Leica V-Lux is simply the ideal camera for them all. Thanks to its enormous zoom range of 25 to 400 mm, time-consuming lens changes and heavy extra equipment are now a thing of the past. It covers every photographic situation from wide-angle, standard, and telephoto photography to macro close-ups down to a distance of only 3 cm. With initial apertures of f/2.8 (wide angle) and f/4 (telephoto), its Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 9.1–146 mm f/2.8–4 ASPH. lens enables sharp and finely detailed exposures, even with distant subjects.


Faster and more reliable autofocus

The Leica V-Lux excels with lightning-fast autofocus. It precisely captures every scene and subject in only 0.2 seconds at the longest telephoto setting and 0.11 seconds in wide-angle mode (the times are for focusing from infinity to 2 m from the subject) – even when subjects are moving fast. The speed of its continuous-shooting mode is equally impressive and, with up to 12 frames per second at full resolution, makes the V-Lux the perfect choice for sports and wildlife photography.


Razor-sharp 4K video

Still-picture and video camera in one: at the press of a single button, the Leica V-Lux records moving pictures in 4K, the high-definition video format with four times the resolution of full-HD. This means four times the detail and four times the picture quality – that is so excellent that even frames grabbed from video can stand alone as brilliant photos. For moving pictures that become true-to-life memories


Excellent picture quality thanks to a large sensor

Even in unfavorable light and at high ISO settings, the large 1" sensor of the Leica V-Lux guarantees exceptionally bright and clear pictures – pictures that are rich in detail and fascinate with natural colours. In combination with the high speed of the lens, the sensor expands the creative scope available for the exploration of planes of focus and depth of field and makes the V-Lux the ideal Leica to take along wherever you go.


Practical by nature in both design and handling

The looks and the first class materials and finish of the new V-Lux are enough to tell that it couldn’t be anything but a Leica. The features of the camera are grasped intuitively. And the change between automatic and manual control couldn’t be easier. This leaves more time to concentrate on the picture that, thanks to the multi-axis rotate-and-tilt function of the 3" LCD monitor, can be captured with ease at any angle from ground level to a bird’s-eye view. Additional the integrated Wi-Fi module allows remote control from a smartphone or tablet. All you need is the free Leica C Image Shuttle app.


Wonderful outlook with the integrated viewfinder

The 2.4 megapixels have a lot to say when it comes to fast and precise judgment of the prefect composition of a subject – even in bright sunlight. The same settings are displayed in the integrated OLED electronic viewfinder of the V-Lux as on its monitor. A big advantage for wearers of glasses: it offers individual diopter compensation.


Three-year warranty inclusive

With the Leica „Three-year warranty“ - more than many other manufacturer's warranty - the V-Lux delivers more peace of mind. In a warranty case during these 3 years, our worldwide Service & Support team aim to ensure a smooth process and rapid solutions to problems.

Extra Informatie

Extra Informatie

Voorraad situatie Niet meer beschikbaar
Draaibaar scherm Ja
Gevoeligheidsbereik 12500
Opening van 4
Opening op 2.8
Grootte van het scherm 3
Type sensor Nee
Sensor grootte 1"
Fabrikant Leica
Optische zoeker No
Elektronische zoeker Yes
Compatibele geheugenkaarten SD, SDHC, SDXC
Ingebouwde flits Yes
Externe flits Yes
Videoformaten Nee
Maximum beelden per seconde 12
Kleur None
Type body Amateur averti
Aantal views Nee
Afmetingen L x H x B 137.2 x 99.1 x 132.1 mm
Materiaal body Nee
Lens 25 - 400mm f2.8 - 4
Optische zoom 16x
Garantie Oui
Gevoeligheid Nee
shockproof No

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