Leica SL2 -S 10880

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24.6 Megapixels

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Leica SL2 -S 10880   Design Made to inspire The design of the Leica SL2-S recalls the iconic Leica identity and traditional design DNA elements that the brand has become world-known and loved for. Best ergonomics, highest quality materials and state of the art


Leica SL2 -S 10880


Design Made to inspire

The design of the Leica SL2-S recalls the iconic Leica identity and traditional design DNA elements that the brand has become world-known and loved for. Best ergonomics, highest quality materials and state of the art technology are being combined to a camera that is made to perform and built to last.


Made in Germany

Just like the Leica SL2, the SL2-S is developed and manufactured in Germany. With an unmatched all-metal solid construction and elegant leather wrap to withstand the time, it delivers years of photographic pleasure, thanks to the sustainability guaranteed by consistent firmware updates.


Control and handling

The unique, intuitive and straightforward user interface, which features separate photo and video sections, allows you to focus entirely on taking the picture. An unparalleled experience developed through the feedback of customers and professional photographers worldwide.


Cine Mode

The Leica SL2-S captures 4K and Cine4K 10-bit 4:2:2 videos with Leica’s L-LOG gamma, at frame rates of up to 60 fps. Thanks to the integrated viewing LUTs, you are able to maintain full control throughout the recording. Another pro-level feature is the camera’s unlimited recording time for videos, which means that the video length is only limited by the respective internal or external memory.


4K Video with HEVC* Futureproof

The Leica SL2-S supports the highly efficient HEVC video compression standard for 10-bit recordings up to 4K/60p (h.265).

Videos can be split into one-minute segments, in order to minimise the risk of data loss. Other enhancing features include the automatic Follow Focus, an integrated waveform monitor, Colour-Bar, Timecode Input and Tally Mode, all of which further enhance the camera’s suitability for professional use.

*Available with Firmware Update Spring 2021


EyeRes® Viewfinder

The EyeRes® EVF unites an outstanding 5.76MP display panel with an eyepiece built of finest metal and glass and the tightest mechanical and optical tolerances, to deliver an unmatched viewing experience and allow the easy composition of images.


24MP CMOS-BSI Sensor

The new full-frame sensor of the Leica SL2-S with 24 Megapixel and Backside Illumination produces excellent images in all lighting conditions. An enormous dynamic range, a colour depth of 14 bits per RGB channel and a sensitivity of up to ISO 100,000 enable low-noise images of exceptional quality, even in low light.


Maestro III Processor

The exceptional working speed of the Leica SL2-S is achieved through the Maestro III processor and a large 4 Gigabyte buffer memory. Image series with up to 25 DNG images per second are possible, as well as almost infinite image series in JPEG format, limited only by the memory cards used in both UHS-II-compatible SD card slots.



Leica FOTOS connects your camera seamlessly to your smartphone or iPad via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®. The app enables you to transfer images and control your Leica camera remotely, as well as view, edit and share your pictures in several formats.
Get the app and visit


Leica Object Detection AF

The Leica Object Detection AF ensures a fast and reliable AF. In addition to an array of modes and features, including face recognition, the high-performance AF system of the SL2-S also automatically detects whether a subject is stationary or in motion, and subsequently switches between motion and focus priority.


In-Body Stabilisation

An important feature for the work of many photographers is the floating, suspended sensor of the Leica SL2-S. The highly efficient multi-axis image stabilisation compensates camera shakes fast and effective. This in-camera method even allows image stabilisation for lenses that are not equipped with it themselves.


Multishot Mode : Images with up to 96 MP

With the help of the sensor-shift technology used in the SL2-S, the camera can record up to eight consecutive frames when tripod-mounted, whereby the sensor is shifted in half-pixel increments in between every exposure. This key feature results in images with an incredible quadrupled resolution of around 96 megapixels, bringing unparalleled detail to your photography.


Robust, dust and splash-proof (IP54)

The IP54 certification of the Leica SL2-S ensures an elevated weather sealing. Even under harsh production conditions, the SL2-S reliably delivers outstanding results. This allows photographers and videographers to concentrate completely on their craft.


L-Mount: Unlimited Possibilities

With the L-Mount, the Leica SL2-S is fully compatible with not only the SL-System’s extensive lens portfolio, but also with Leica TL-Lenses and, when used with an adapter, lenses from the Leica M, R and S-System. The L-Mount Alliance provides SL2-S owners with access to over 40 autofocus lenses. In addition, Leitz Cine lenses – which are highly coveted among film-makers across the board – can also be adapted to the Leica SL2-S.

Extra Informatie

Extra Informatie

Voorraad situatie Op voorraad - Thuis levering in 24/48u
Gestabiliseerde body Ja
Draaibaar scherm Nee
Gevoeligheidsbereik 100000
Grootte van het scherm 3.2"
Type sensor CMOS 24x36
Fabrikant Leica
Enkel body Yes
Opening van Nee
Opening op Nee
Sensor grootte 24x36mm
Serieopnamen 25
Mogelijke bestandsformaten DNG / JPEG
Compatibele geheugenkaarten SD, SDHC, SDXC
Ingebouwde flits No
Externe flits Yes
Interne microfoon Yes
Microfoonaansluiting Yes
Videoformaten MOV / H.264
Maximum beelden per seconde 25
PictBridge Nee
Montuur Leica L
Kleur Zwart
Type body Expert
Aantal views 25
Afmetingen L x H x B 146 x 107 x 83mm
Tropicalisatie No
Materiaal body Aluminium / Magnésium
Viewfinder Electronique
Garantie Oui

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